Job Terms of Service

Job Terms of Service

If your preference is that ShootDotEdit provide our "Culling / Rough Edit" service, be rest assured that we do not take this process lightly. More importantly, we not only take into full consideration your custom profile, but we methodically scrutinize each and every image we preview and/or "Rough Edit". With our professional due diligence in mind, we cannot assume any liability for "Rough Editing" out any image from your event. Here are our "Rough Edit" standards:
Only "useable" shots will be kept - regardless of the number of images ordered. In other words, ShootDotEdit will only return good shots, poor images will not be kept just for the sake of having more images. "Useable" shots include, but don't necessarily exclude: images with attractive composition and workable exposure. "Un-useable" shots include, but don't necessarily exclude: images that are un repairable in exposure and/or are excessively blurry. ShootDotEdit will keep one shot from each pose in family formals. If necessary, ShootDotEdit will keep a poor composition or slightly blurry image, if it is the only one from that particular pose. ShootDotEdit will keep shots that stretch the boundaries of "useable" when emotion overrides the technical drawbacks. ShootDotEdit attempt to keep the "best of" in a series of shots, seeking to eliminate "useable" shots if there are better ones in the sequence. Please reference Rough Editing Preferences for specifics in our mindset when choosing images to hold on to. ShootDotEdit attempts to choose images that, when placed together, tell a story. "Useable" images are left out occasionally if they don't work to contribute to the overall story of the event.
That being said, we recognize the process can be a subjective one and there may be an instance where you prefer that our staff retrieve images from the "original" rough edit process. Assuming your request falls in line with the "Arhive" section of our terms and conditions, we will be happy to accommodate you. Our cost for such a request is $25 per hour. The first hour is billed in full and any other time spent will be billed in 15 minute increments at an hourly rate of $25 in addition to any shipping and handling fees that apply.
Upon receipt of your Job, we will process it according your Job Order. SDE will hold your images for 7 days from the date of job completion. It is our customers responsibility to contact SDE within those 7 days for any reason related to that specific Job media. Otherwise, our server will automatically delete the images.
If you would like to avoid a "Rough Edit" dilemma similar to the scenario mentioned above, upon submission of your event, create a "KEEPERS" folder. This is folder that you will place any/all images that you want to be included in your completed event. Also, be sure to mention in the "Job Specific Notes" section that you have included a "KEEPERS" folder.
Based on our published Quality Assurance specs and parameters, we're confident that we will deliver a dependable and measurable product. However, we realize there is a chance that you might have a concern or complaint about your finished job. According to our critical quality control standards, we guarantee an 'A' grade on every job. And, if we make a mistake, you have our word, we will fix it! From the date we ship your completed job, we provide for you to respond with any critical concerns and/or issues within 14 days. Furthermore, within 14 days of your completed job, we reserve the right to fix any mistakes made. If you do have a concern or complaint, we ask that you please send an email to along with specific reasons for your claim (eg. image number(s), specific examples of what you are concerned about, etc.). Also, please know that if your request is made after 14 days, and there was a mistake made, we cannot be liable for making any corrections. If ShootDotEdit does perform a fix for any job and our customer is still not happy, ShootDotEdit will resort to a team management review and at that point, based on our published services and policies for quality, our management team will make a collective decision on a refund or not.
We are the industry experts and leaders of Post Production for the professional photographer. BUT, we are not perfect. We do occasionally make mistakes. And, with thousands of different lighting/camera/image capture scenarios that can take place in any-one-given image, there is bound to be variance and shift. If you have a question or concern regarding our delivered quality as it pertains to any of your Jobs, please review our RE-DO + REFUND Policy.
Sometimes jobs have specific requests and/or details that are important for us to know about. Knowing these details will help us tremendously with our goal of meeting your expectations. When submitting each unique job, you'll find the "Production Notes Section" at the bottom of your job submission form. This is the place to provide us with copious and detail job related notes. Here are some of examples of the kind of notes we are referring to:
  • Please convert the entire reception to Black and White;
  • The ceremony was shot under horrible yellow light;
  • I photographed the bride and groom at noon time without any shade, the images are a bit over exposed and the bride has very hard shadows on her face;
  • I photographed a few images as silhouettes.  Their image numbers are:  IMG_0987.CR2 and IMG_0856.NEF.  Please
    color correct them to maintain the silhouettes.
  • My flash broke during the indoor reception and I had to increase my ISO to 3200
Upon submission of your Job, a credit or debit card "Authorization" request will be made by our system, however your credit card will not be charged until you have 'Verified' your job via our Web Uploader or we have received your job at our lab via the mail. If you are using your debit card, the "Authorization" will hold and secure the funds in preparation for the official "Sale Transaction".  If your job is deleted and/or not delivered, the original "Authorization" fall off your statement.
We are working around the clock to ensure that your event is completed on time and with superb quality. We do, however, believe in balance and provide our staff with dedicated "Day Off" holidays. ShootDotEdit recognizes the following calendar days as a "Day Off" Holiday: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If any of the above mentioned days falls within your event due date, the holiday will not constitute as a counted day in that return date.
ShootDotEdit assumes no liability and or responsibility for any/all client event images, their safe keeping, and/or their safety. ShootDotEdit assumes no liability and or responsibility for any data, computer hardware, or software received from any client. ShootDotEdit is not responsible for any Act or Acts of God. ShootDotEdit is not responsible for any/all circumstances beyond our control. Those items include but are not limited to event delivery failure and/or loss by any mail carrier used for shipping, power failures, computer failures, illness, or death.
ShootDotEdit is a revolutionary service that is reaching out to the world wide professional, pro-sumer, and consumer photography communities. We pride ourselves in diligent workflow, customer service, and due diligent quality control. Due to the nature of our service[s], "Refunds" will be given at the discretion of ShootDotEdit.
Until the "Fiber Optic Pipe" becomes the internet standard, mini Hard Drives [from here on referred to as mHD] are our high recommendation for sending your data! However, they are electronic and can break. And, ShootDotEdit will not assume liability or responsibility for any mHD or media that ceases to work, is damaged, lost, or stolen. You can rest assured, however, that we treat all media and hard drives like they are our own children.
We accept jobs on the following media formats: mini Hard Drive (mHD), Thumb Drive, DVD and/or Flash memory card. We cannot be responsible for any additional costs associated with the shipping of any other data storage.
Our good faith commitment to is to finish your job within 5-8 business days of having received it. We are committed to delivering (eg. Shipping, Uploading, and/or emailing) your completed job no later than the 8th business day. If for some reason, we are unable to finish by that due date, one of our support heroes will contact you with an approximation on it's delivery.
If you have opted for us to return your completed job via SNAIL MAIL, we want to make sure we have communicated to you clearly that our estimated "Shipping Date" is the date that your Job will be completed here at ShootDotEdit within our operating business hours. Once we ship, you can expect to add 2 - 4 days for shipping depending on your location, non-delivery days and/or the delivery logistics and policies of USPS. All ShootDotEdit packages are shipped via USP Priority mail. Once we ship, you will be emailed an official tracking number for the package.
If you have requested your job to be returned via snail mail, our shipping department is open standard Pacific Daylight Time business days, Monday - Friday / 9am - 5pm. For example, should your event be completed on a Saturday, it will be shipped out on the next business day, etc.
Once you have finished submitting your job(s), you will have chosen to send it via our Web Uploader or via the Mail.
  • If sending via our Web Uploader, please remember that you must VERIFY your upload. This is how we know that your job upload has finished and is complete.
  • If sending via the mail, please print the confirmation page that pops up. Then, merely send it along with your order to the address that is provided.
Did you verify the amount of images that you are sending over? Upon arrival of your event[s], we will confirm that the number of images stated in your job submission matches your Web Upload, mHD, thumbdrive, or DVD[s]. If our verified image count differs from the total amount stated on your job order, we will stop production on your order until we are able to verify how you would like to proceed, and it is possible that your event will be delayed.
Yes, based on your Job order, we can upload for you! We do not, however, guarantee a "completed" upload date or time. Our uploads orders are started in the order in which they are received. Also, occasionally our client web gallery vendors have "stalls", "down-time", and "disconnects". These are unforeseeable workflow elements that we have no control over. And, they may cause delays in the upload process.
19. UPDATED - XMP's!
It is now our standard policy to return XMP's for ALL job orders. Your final XMP's will be emailed to you, and/or placed on your portable data vehicle, and/or placed on any DVD you have ordered. XMP's will not be provided for JPG orders or for orders that request our 'Renaming' service.
Now you can submit your jobs via our NEW Web Uploader. It's easy as going down a water slide. And, if you have a semi-fast internet connection, it will be just as fast too!
21. Lightroom Workflow Submissions
Upon the 'Submission' of a ShootDotEdit Lightroom (LR) workflow job,  changes cannot be made by the photographer/customer.  Making changes or alterations to any of the data inside the LR catalog, or any of the images associated with the LR catalog, can render your catalog useless.  ShootDotEdit cannot be held responsible for any additional costs that come as a result of this kind of situation.  
22. NEW - Aperture Workflow Submissions
Upon the 'Submission' of a ShootDotEdit Aperture (AP) workflow job,  changes cannot be made by the photographer/customer.  Making changes or alterations to any of the data inside the AP Library, or any of the images associated with the AR Library, can render your Library useless.  ShootDotEdit cannot be held responsible for any additional costs that come as a result of this kind of situation.  
23. WPPI 2013 - Subscription Show Special

If you took advantage of the 2013 WPPI subscription based show special, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:


  • For The UNLIMITED Plan, an "Event" is defined and excepted as any of the 9 following types: any professionally photographed Wedding, Engagement Session, Boudoir, Family Portraits, High School Senior, Maternity, Baby, Bah-Mitzvah, and/or Bat-Mitzvah.

  • The UNLIMITED Plan provides for 1 job submission and up to 700 color corrections per event, regardless of the event duration in hours or days (ie. a 5 day event or wedding that is made up of different occasions and/or celebrations is still recognized as one event). Any images in excess of 700 per event will be billed at the regular Custom Pro Color rate of $0.39 per image.

  • A minimum of 77 images per event submission is required.
  • 10 FREE DotPreviews per year are included with this annual plan.
  • This plan DOES NOT include "any other service" provided by ShootDotEdit other than our RAW & JPG Custom Color Correction service. The "any other service" portion of these terms refers to, but is not limited to, the following: Culling services, process to jpg service, uploads to third party galleries/hosts, data vehicle hardware shipping fees, categorization, artistic editing, etc.
  • Discounts or refunds from previous, pending, and/or current orders may not be credited toward  
    the UNLIMITED Plan. 
  • Any value (ie. promo codes, vouchers, DotCredits, gift cards, etc.) from previous and/or current orders may not be applied to the UNLIMITED Plan.
  • The UNLIMITED Plan cannot be applied to previous and/or current orders.
  • The UNLIMITED Plan special offer cannot be combined or be in conjunction with any other special offers, promotions, or discounts.
  • The images submitted with this plan must be photographed explicitly by the subscriber of this plan 
  • This is a 12 month commitment: $3,348 per year at 12 monthly payments of $279 per month.
  • There are no refunds and all monthly payments must be fulfilled.
  • The Unlimited Plan subscription only permits the submission of events (as defined above), to ShootDotEdit, LLC , and those events may only be photographed by the photographer (the person) named on this UNLIMITED Plan.  
  • Submitting events photographed by associates, other photographers, other studios, or anyone not named on the UNLIMITED Plan is considered abuse and is grounds for cancellation.
  • Shipping & Handling charges for any type of hardware storage data vehicle (ie. mini hard drive, thumbdrive, etc.) are not covered by the UNLIMITED Plan.
  • This plan is for professional images only and may not be used for personal or hobby images including but not limited to:  pictures of friends, family or friend events, family, pets, architecture, etc.


  • Compliance with the UNLIMITED Service Plan. You agree that upon request from ShootDotEdit or its authorized representatives you will within fourteen (14) days fully document and certify that use of the Unlimited Plan at the time of the request is in conformity with these terms and conditions.
  • In order to maintain a fair and reasonable service to our customers, ShootDotEdit, LLC reserves the right to "Add to" the UNLIMITED Plan terms and conditions at anytime.


  • You are required to take all reasonable measures to avoid and reduce damages, in particular to make back-up copies of any computer data subject to the provisions of this agreement.
  • In order to maintain a fair and reasonable service to our customers, ShootDotEdit, LLC reserves the right to "Add to" the UNLIMITED Plan terms and conditions at anytime.


  • Indemnity.  You agree to hold SDE harmless from any and all liabilities, losses, actions, damages, or claims (including all reasonable expenses, costs, and attorneys fees) arising out of or relating to any use of the Unlimited Plan.

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